My Journey Back To Health

Having been extremely healthy my whole life in 2013 I started getting ill shortly after my jabs for Bali…

This blog is about my journey back to health and all the ‘hidden’ things I’ve found along the way that the majority of the population (and medical system) seem to ignore.

I am not biassed in anyway, and are not in favour of either naturopathic or allopathic treatments – I just simply live by the rule “do what works”.

I am not a medical professional, so anything you decide to try based on what I discuss or talk about on my blog is at your own risk.

I do implore you to be open to learning new things, look at things with completely fresh eyes – putting beliefs about doctors and treatments to one side, not be in any one camp and research anything you feel is ‘up your street’ further – Feel free to discuss here. 🙂

With very best wishes
Tim 2nd July 2016

ps. check out the list of my symptoms, conditions and treatments.