Improved Liver Flush

Early on in my journey I heard about Andreas Moritz and his gallbladder / liver flush (from Danny’s book) and decided to try one.

The thought of it makes complete logical sense although is quite scary, as often people say it’s almost a major surgery for your liver.

The Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo Forum (which is an Andy Cutler protocol board) say to steer clear of liver flushes as it’s too harsh on you when you’re mercury toxic (depending on how ill you are may be true) but for my level of recovery/health I disagree.

When your stool has turned yellow and your liver is clearly beaten up (and Liver Extract and Lecithin doesn’t help) I think personally and think it’s great for your liver (but can be tough on your bum!). I searched around the internet before and found a few references to it working (see here for Darker Stools after liver flushing), I also asked Danny AKA Sunshine his opinion.

Every time I do a liver flush it helps my digestion, my stools darken, my energy and my emotions improve dramatically, my candida becomes more of a distant memory, and my eyes become whiter each time. Why wouldn’t you try it?!

Even Danny from the Mercury Diaries does them and he was the most Mercury Toxic person I’ve read about (or met) yet!

Liver Flush Olive Oil and Grapefruit Juice
Liver Flush Olive Oil and Grapefruit Juice

The first and second time I followed Andrea’s Moritz’s flush exactly, which is;

  • Prepare for a week by drinking Malic acid or apple juice to break down the liver stones (I only did this the first time and was fine each time without it, although I find Chanca Piedra Tea is great to help the liver breakdown the crap inside it)
  • Don’t eat on the day of the flush, only drinking water or tea (definitely no oils at all) this ensure your liver and gallbladder have plenty of bile at the ready to eject).
  • at 6pm: drink about 300ml of water with a table spoon of Espom salts. This relaxes the liver bile ducts and helps you clear your digestive system so that stones can come out easily.
  • at 8pm: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in.
  • by 9.30pm: you should start needing to use the toilet. I find that for each table spoon of Epsom Salts I need to use the toilet 4-5 times. If you don’t need the toilet yet a coffee enema is good to start things moving, although going is not essential yet. You’ll find that as your digestive system gets cleaner and less full of crap the magnesium will work quicker.
  • 10pm: drink 4oz (150ml) of olive oil with a grapefruit squeezed in (and shaken up) and lie down immediately (for at least 30 minutes without moving) if possible go to bed laying on your back. If you need the toilet – it’s ok to go after 30 minutes which is why it’s essential you time the drinks right!
  • 8am: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in. Be prepared to visit the toilet 4-5 times about an hour after each drink. You should start seeing liver stones in the toilet. I like to use a sieve like this to ensure I can capture and count them all. Beware they can be as big as 1 inch each!
  • 10am: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in. By this point you should have had a lot of stones come out.
  • 12noon: You can have some soup or a light lunch.

That’s it. It’s actually quite simple. The only bad thing about it is that because you need the toilet so many times and due to you pooing liver bile you can get quite sore around your butt-hole, so I find using a thick cream like sudacrem after each bowel movement helps hugely!

After reading Eric’s blog it made me realise that the flush can be improved upon/tweaked. If you think about it, the liver only kicks out liver stones as a result of you drinking the magnesium salts and then drinking Oil which makes it ‘pump’ out all of the stones (which are bile and toxins stored up) so ensuring you’re catching these toxins and clearing them out is super important.

I decided to update and improve the liver flush significantly to:

  • 6pm: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 8pm: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 10pm: olive oil and grapefruit juice
  • 10.10pm: without moving put a castor oil liver pack on (to support the liver more) for an hour and a half roughly
  • 11.30pm: take 4 activated charcoal tablets (to soak up toxins very effectively)
  • 11.55pm: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 12 Midnight: Bed, sleep on your back if possible.
  • The next Day: 8am: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 9am: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 10am: 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk in 400ml of water (to help push stones in the digestive system out)
  • 10.15am: coffee enema (2 tablespoons of Bulletproof organic low toxin coffee) to help clear liver stones and toxins out (you will probably see the activated charcoal come out with the stones)
  • 10.45am: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 11.15am: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 1pm: another coffee enema
  • 2pm: a light lunch.
  • 2.30pm: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 3.00pm: you’re good to go back to your normal life with a healthier liver!

Since doing this updated liver flush I have found it to be far more effective – also it seems to clear the toxins out quicker so you don’t feel strange for the next 24 hours. It’s great to see your belly as thin as it can go too – as you’ve had a good clear out!

A big thing that I feel people don’t realise when starting out with liver flushes is that once you start doing them you need to do a series of them every few weeks until you get 2 flushes in a row that don’t get any stones come out.

Essentially your liver is full of stones (of various kinds) and once some come out the ones above them in your liver drop down and need clearing out too. This can often be quite obvious as you get a few days of fantastic digestion (darker stools, better digestion etc) then it goes back to how it was before the flush. This is GREAT as it means it’s working.

jelly_bean_machine_black_chrome_1_3_1A fitting cheeky-little analogy is; Think of a bubble-gum or jelly bean vending machine.

As some gums/beans drop out the bottom more from above drop down to replace them. When it’s empty no more come out, and when it’s full more drop down… This is just like your liver after a flush, although it can take a few days for them to drop!

Persevere and better digestion and health is on it’s way (some people say that doing a load of liver flushes can help the body so much it fixes dry skin, candida and other issues too). I tend to agree.

The results: (Hold Tight!)

IMG_5449 IMG_5793 IMG_5585 IMG_3386 IMG_9053

For now I will continue with liver flushing until no more come out…

Let me know what you think of my improved liver flush, as it works a charm!

Important note: Remember to hydrate WELL otherwise a liver flush can be hard on your adrenals and you’ll crash in a few days time.

How I Fixed Frequent Urination (Polyuria)

This has been such a large part of my issues over the last 2 years I had to dedicate a page to it. So many people have issues with it and yet never find a solution. I’m very pleased to say I have.

I thought it was directly related to Mercury or Candida, but I was wrong (or so it seems)…

What I knew:

  • My frequent urination was non-existent before my antibiotics back in 2014.
  • It happens some days, but not others. Sometimes for a week at a time.
  • When it happens, it happens. I pee like 20-40 times a day. Lots.
  • Something triggers it for sure.
  • When I do have it I get tired.
  • After a while of having it my prostate flares.
  • It’s linked to my gut, as 30 minutes after eating I stop needing to pee every 20 minutes.
  • No doctors, urologists or specialists seem to know a connection, or why.
  • Pea protein seemed to make me pee the most.
  • Sometimes it felt like a Urinary Tract Infection although my tests NEVER showed one infection.

After having this for several years now it came up in conversation with Marek when we had a call last week. He said “I think you might have high oxalates. Stop eating high Oxalate foods such as Oranges, Spinach, Carrots, Rhubarb (Who eats that nowadays!), Nuts, and chocolate.” Hang on, I had a very high oxalate diet (most days). Even my protein was pea protein and was high in oxalates.

I researched heavily, downloaded an app for my iphone and cut down (bit by bit) on oxalates. Overnight my frequent urination stopped. Stopped dead. A great post I found on Marks daily Apple is here

What it an oxalate?:

It’s a toxin essentially. Oxalates are a common food chemical. They are indigestible to humans and for the most part should stay in the GI track and pass through unabsorbed. A healthy gut will resist absorbing them and will contain bacteria that break down oxalates to further protect the body. No benefit has been found to oxalates in the body.  In fact they disrupt normal body functions on the cellular level. Once absorbed, the body needs to protect itself from them, either by putting them somewhere in storage or by excreting them. There is a limit to how much the body can excrete at once so if too much oxalate is absorbed at least some will be stored.  If your detoxification systems aren’t working well, you might not excrete any.

It turns out that some people breakdown oxalates well – where? In THEIR GUT. If their gut can’t break down the oxalate you store it. In your kidneys (Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones) your joints and other places. It’s not good.

Essentially if you have a high oxalate diet your body tries to get rid (or break it down) of what it can, if it can’t it stores it.

So, if you start a low oxalate diet it comes out of your cells into your blood stream and your kidneys try to flush it out. Stop all oxalates too quickly and you have a ‘honeymoon’ period where you feel amazing then you get hit hard.

Why is this so relevant? Because I before antibiotics I didn’t get this problem. What does that tell us… It’s to do with gut bacteria (or the gut at least).

There’s a particular type of gut bacteria that seems to get killed by antobiotics and causes this – called oxalobacter formigenes. Vitamin K also is relevant (probably due to gut damage).

This is what an oxalate crystal looks like under a microscope… No wonder they hurt! (and feel like a UTI)

oxalate crystal
Credit to for the image

What symptoms does having oxalates bring?:

  • Kidney stones – check
  • Weakend Immune system – check
  • Urinary pain (like a UTI but no infection found) – check
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • COPD/Asthma
  • Vulvodynia/genital pain – check
  • Thyroid disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Fibromyalgia – check
  • Join Pain – check
  • Chronic Fatigue – check
  • Insomnia – check (although not of late)
  • Hormonal Imbalances – check
  • Chronic Candida – check

The cause and effects I have are:

  • Cut down oxalates > stop peeing so much.
  • Stop peeing so much > less prostate infections.
  • Replace gut bacteria (with the right type) > no need to cut down oxalates > stop peeing so much.
  • Stop peeing so much > no dehydration, less adrenal problems better energy.

To date, all I have cut out is:

  • Oranges
  • Spinach
  • Chocolate (what little I had)
  • Peanuts
  • Carrots

So far this small change has had a massive impact on my life. It’s the biggest leap I’ve had in months. Oxalates. If only doctors and specialists knew about this too!!! Medical professionals never seem to know the good things like this.

Update 14/8/16:
Even a month after posting this my frequent urination still hasn’t come back unless I cheat and have a high Oxalate food like chocolate.

If I do cheat I take a Calcium Citrate tablet as the Calcium bonds to the Oxalate and escorts it out of the body. BOOM!

Update 28/8/16:
I’m still not frequently urinating! Chocolate seems to be the trigger. Since the original post above I have tested Chanca Piedra to help break down the oxalate crystals / calcium in my kidneys (and seemed to help my liver clear out massively too!) and have just ordered HCA (hydroxycitrate) based on a study I found here – as apparently it helps break down calcium oxalate crystals too. I’ll report back!

Until next time!


Methylation – B12 therapy & 23andMe Genetic test


So, I had been on ‘armor’ thyroid for months and decided I needed a specialist who wasn’t my allopathic endocrinologist who would listen to me and actually help (with chronic fatigue, brain fog, bad digestion, low metabolic rate (i.e. low body temperature) and low testosterone) so I searched and searched and found Marek Doyle from Blueprint Fitness.

He seemed to really know his sh1t! I read his site inside and out and he seemed to know all the secrets I had found out to date and more. I had to meet him too!

When I first met him we ran through a whole bunch of questions and at the end of it he put a plan together for me.

You can see the full protocol for each, by following the links below.

His thoughts were:

  • I had a genetic mutation that I needed to be checked for (with 23andme) – protocol below
  • I had candida (already knew that) that needed treating (add link to Candida page)
  • I had adrenal fatigue (add link to fatigue page)

Genetic Mutations & Methylation

Essentially my results showed I had the MTHFR genetic mutation which meant my liver doesn’t detox properly and by supplementing correctly I could sort it out. This meant toxins like Mercury would leave my body more naturally than Chelation and mean that I wouldn’t get sick so easily.

Methylation is a very big subject and I have Eric from to thank for putting together his AWESOME posts as guidance. Unfortunately he didn’t simplify the protocol so I will shortly.

Eric’s pages are (enjoy!):

Now, every time I’ve had blood tests for B12 and Folate in the past it’s always shown high. Why? My genetics (and symptoms) says I’m deficient!

I started researching and found this article, which essentially says that if you lack Glutathione your B12 is vulnerable to attack and if your B12 isn’t right you can’t make Glutathione! Circular or what!

Lithium and Methylation

Around the same time I had my one year follow up hair mineral analysis test come back showing me how my heavy metal levels had dropped – and one thing that didn’t move was Lithium. I was completely out. Nothing, nada, nil. My father is bi-polar so seeing lithium low (still) worried me, so I started researching the connection to Mercury (and just by chance B12 too!) It turns out that if you don’t have enough lithium your B12 doesn’t go into your cells, leaving you B12 deficient…! BOOM!

Low White Blood Cell Count & Lithium

What is really strange is that week I had a blood test done and my White Blood Cell Count was at it’s lowest ever, 2.9 on a scale of 3 to 8. This worried me – and I remembered Andy Cutler (in The Amalgam illness book) said to take lithium orotate to help boost Neutrophils and WBC. It was coming together nicely.

After a week on Lithium (the only other thing I had changed was adding in Red Reishi mushroom supplement which gave me headaches and bad guts) I had my blood tested again (by chance) and suddenly my WBC count was up to 6.3! – now that’s a stronger immune system. In a week! My doctor couldn’t believe it.

Methylation (and my protocol)

Marek started me on TMG for a week (to open up the methylation pathways), then told me to add in 1 B-right multi-b (which gave my body a tiny bit of B12 and folate), followed by Hydroxcobalamin a week later. Now most places say don’t bother with Hydroxo as your liver might not convert it to the active forms of B12 (such as Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin) but Marek thought differently due to my mutations. It also gives your body a chance to kick back into action.

His analogy was “imagine you have an old car, and you put your foot flat on the accelerator. It was fall apart. Now, if you slowly build up speed it will be a lot more stable. Now that’s what we’re doing with you”.

Essentially, starting with an active B12 can put your detoxification pathways under too much pressure causing you to get ill (die-off), so starting like that is fine, but you must progress to active B12 soon.

If you want the full details the source is:

Fredds protocol from Pheonixrising is tough to unravel for a layman, and took me a while to figure it out, but essentially it is

  1. Start with Swanson TMG 500mg half a day for a week (This opens up the methylation pathways)
  2. Then raise to 1 tablet a day of the above,
    then start:
  3. 1 jarrow b-right a day for 2 weeks, then raise to 2 a day.
    After 2 more weeks start:
  4. 200mcg of Solgar methylfolate a day for a week
  5. Then half of a Jarrow Methylcobalamin 1000mg for 2 weeks (in the mouth under your lip for 45 minutes)
    Then raise:
  6. Methylfolate to 400mcg/day for 2 weeks (and raise by 200mcg (half a tablet extra) a fortnight until you reach 800mcg a day)
  7. Then raise to 1 whole Jarrow 1000mg Methylcobalamin
  8. Take temperatures and see if it’s 37c if not introduce Adenosylcobalamin at 1/4 of a 3000mg tablet
To be continued and updated soon…

First Post: My Story Up till now…

From 2013 my journey has been an extreme one. This is how it goes…

Travel Jabs

Before Bali in 2013 I had a whole load of jabs including Hep A, Hep B and the Rabies jab (Rabipur). Within 24 hours I started getting pains in my legs, specifically my left knee. For months it felt ‘awkward’ and I couldn’t explain it. If I sat and took the weight off of it it hurt, and if I walked it hurt. I couldn’t seem to shake it off and went to Bali for 3 and a half glorious weeks.

Kidney Stones

The day after I returned I got struck with an evil pain in my left side of the abdomen and called an ambulance. I spent 2 days in a hospital bed and was found to have a kidney stone lodged in my ureter. It was hell. Why? Why suddenly start getting kidney stones? No one could tell me anything. I had 24 hour urine samples taken (where you carry around a 5 litre bottle and pee into it for a day) to see the levels of calcium in my urine, but everything came back fine. “come back in 6 months” the urologists said. I asked many doctors, urologists and search hundreds of websites for the reason why. All I’ve ever had was “drink more water”.

For a whole year I had kidney pains and my health deteriorated but I carried on worrying (and wondering) why I had these pains and why I formed these kidney stones. I kept getting UTI’s (urinary tract infections) so one day I visited my GP to carry out a dipstick urine test. Out pops a kidney stone into the toilet! The urine had no infection and they sent the kidney stone away for analysis.

Testicular Pains

2 weeks later I started getting pains in my testicles, like a dull throbbing pain, it seemed like my testicles had dropped and my balls were lower. Over the following weeks it got worse and worse. I visited my local doctor and he said it’s Epididymis, gave me loads of antibiotics and sent me on my way. After 10 days the pain went only to come back a few weeks later, but worse. Much worse.

THE Antibiotics & Gut health

The doctor gave me more antibiotics and sent me on my way – even though no infection had been found. 10 weeks. Yes, 10 weeks of several different wide-spectrum antibiotics I had and my health spiralled out of control.

My testicle pain got worse, my digestion shut down, I had SUPER bloating, I started getting chest pains so bad I had to call an ambulance, I started getting evil tendon pain, I started pissing 20-30 times a day, my energy disappeared (so much so that I didn’t have the energy to lift an umbrella for more than a minute) and I was falling apart. Thanks doc!

After 4 months of visiting the doctor 3 or 4 times a week one day I asked him what it could be causing all these symptoms, and he shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know how to help you Tim”. That was it. The gloves were off.

Around this time I got thrush in my mouth. It wasn’t just in my mouth, it was on one side all around the gum of one particular tooth. Why? It just happened to be one of my metal fillings (I had 6) luckily.

I knew my problem solving brain would have to hit the books (and Google) and find out myself.

The moment of realisation

After researching kidney stones, antibiotics and tendon pain I found that there were many like me on the forums with the exact same problem. The first one was the antibiotics. Ciprofloxacin was the main one I had for 10 weeks is known to cause tendonitis. It’s got a black box warning! People have been hospitalised by it and are now wheel-chair bound as a result! They call themselves “floxies“. I found on several medical sites that people with magnesium deficiencies are susceptible to getting tendonitis with Cipro. I started magnesium citrate immediately. I also realised that if you have low magnesium it can cause calcium issues (see the link to kidney stones?!).

I also looked into ‘metal fillings’ which turned out to be called “amalgam” which is made of several cheap metals including MERCURY!!! I googled “Metal Filling Thrush” and found out about Mercury Poisoning (also called Amalgam Illness) which suppresses your immune system and when combined with antibiotics can cause Candida (as you kill all the bacteria off in your gut yeasts can flosrish). It was all overwhelming, but I had started running down the rabbit hole. I had found some huge things.

The dentist

Quite honestly the evidence online was so compelling that I decided to get the damn mercury fillings out asap. I called my standard dentist and asked for the amalgam to be removed to which she responded “I don’t believe in that nonsense but I’ll remove them for you if you really want”. I booked an appointment just incase, and couldn’t believe her response. I started looking for a dentist in London near my office (by this time my health was very poor and couldn’t get into work) and found a holistic dentist on Carnaby Street. Kathrin.

When I met Kathrin (who has been a huge help of my journey) she told me about another patient of hers “Danny” who had been through almost the same issues as me. She lent me a book called “The Mercury Diaries” and told me to read it ASAP. All I can say is WOW. Danny was a hardcore dude. He had been through far worse than me, so much that at one point he could only eat salad! I’ll come back to him…

Kathrin booked me in and removed my Amalgam fillings using Mercury Safe Dentistry procedures and I started to get better. I knew there was something in this even though the government won’t admit it (they’d get so many court-cases if they admitted they’ve mucked up and allowed this toxic metal in our mouths for years!).

The Nutritionist, Candida & Mercury

As I worked in the W1 area in London I decided to find a nutritionist in Harley Street to help me with my low magnesium.

When I met Vicky and told her what had gone on, she immediately said you’ve got “Candida”. This was the first time anyone had said anything that made sense. She told me it was controversial with the medical profession (I have since quizzed about 15 professionals who don’t believe you can get it unless you have AIDS (which I don’t)) and sent off a urine sample test called “Organic Acids Test” (apparently the gold standard for candida). It confirmed I had very high levels, so she recommended an “anti-candida diet” which meant not having any sugar at all. NO sugar at all, including sweet vegetables, no pasta (eww), no white rice (carbs) and definitely no fructose.

The book she recommended was The Yeast Connection. It explains why we get Candida, what it is, what it does to you and how to rid your body of it.

Vicky also sent off a hair mineral analysis test to check for heavy metals. They came back high for Arsenic and Mercury! Her approach was to kill the Candida and nothing with the Mercury. What I found interesting is that Candida has an affinity to Mercury, so when you have Mercury you have Candida overgrowth! (she didn’t seem to know this) Things were starting to fit into place for me. Lose the mercury, the sugar and then the Candida will follow.

Danny Boy – Aka “Sunshine”

I read the Mercury Diaries (Danny also has a great blog) hanging on every single word. It’s like this guy was me. He had all the same problems (but worse)!

He was an avid user of the Frequent Dose Chelation Forum on Yahoo, and his username was Sunshine. It turns out that most of his health issues resolved after doing “chelation therapy” to get the mercury out of his body. He tells his story of being super-ill with all the therapies and supplements and what they do – everything was mapped out. From Liver Flushes to fix the liver, to Adrenal Cortex Extract (ACE ACE BABY as he calls it) to stable the adrenals and even his Master Cleanse Diet (also know as the Lemonade diet). He laid most of it out for me.

I needed to know more. I needed to meet him.

When we first met, we met in Central London fairly near to both our offices. 10 years older than me, but we got on well.  He was a dude. I highly recommend you read his book!

The main things I took were on the following:

  • Liver Flushes
  • Slow and steady wins the race (with regards to Chelation)
  • ‘It’s a minefield out there’ – i.e. research everything before popping new pills
  • Sole (salt Water) drink
  • Andy Cutler’s protocol for Chelation
  • Natural Thyroid support

The Private Functional Medicine Doctor

My NHS GP had been useless. They had made me worse. I’m 100% certain of that. I moved on, I needed some guidance in this “minefield” so I went to see Dr Mantzourani. She was £300 an hour or £180 for half an hour. You’ve got to make every single second count!

She ran countless tests and didn’t believe I had Mercury Toxicity (as per all Doctors) as she checked my blood and urine for Mercury – which both showed ‘within limit’ levels. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that Mercury stores within your fatty tissues and sits there more than floating around in your blood! More was clicking into place.

Of the tests the Dr ran several came back saying my gut was leaky and that I had no good gut bacteria. She thought all my issues we were my gut (I agree a lot stems from there, but not everything).

She also said I had very low testosterone, and prescribed me a transdermal gel called Testogel. This helped my body hugely as with all adrenally fatigued mercury toxic victims T is nearly always low. There are better natural ways to make your body make it’s own (Adrenal Cortex Extract and Licorice Root Extract).

I supplemented with Testogel for about a year, but decided to come off of it. I found by using Licorice root and adrenal cortex extract I balanced my adrenals far better. A huge connection there is being hydrated properly. Many people with Mercury issues have genetic mutations which cause B12 problems and with B12 / methylation problems come magnesium and POTASSIUM issues – which means you’re dehydrated however much water you drink – which stresses your adrenals. I take 1.5g of potassium a day and use Sole Water (made from himalayan rock salt) solution which nails the problem.
Pituitary issues are common with Mercury and contribute to the adrenal issues above. I found I had low Growth Hormone Levels (HGH/IGF-1) and managed to get my endocrinologist to prescribe me it as a result, which helped my body heal better too.

Andy Cutlers Amalgam Illness book & Chelation

Although I had read The Mercury Diaries (it spelt out most of the protocol) Danny had told me to buy Andy Cutlers Amalgam Illness book so I could fully understand Chelation before embarking on it. The key difference is that most medical ‘professionals’ (including doctors and dentists) do IV chelation which can cause serious issues, or use natural supplements that haven’t been tested widely. Andy’s protocol is based around the half-life of the Chelators, which for my chosen Chelator (alpha lipoic acid) is 3 hours. So 1 tablet every 3 hours round the clock for 3 days a week. It’s pretty hardcore but works a treat (so I was to find out).

My first and 1 year post-chelation hair test can be found here (link to follow shortly)


Hormones, Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid

Since seeing my super expensive GP I found out that my adrenals were shot (due to low T) to pieces. Danny also talked about this in his book quite extensively. I had no energy, I couldn’t wake up, and my body wasn’t fixing itself well. After several months of taking a generic version Armour Thyroid and lots of adrenal support I was getting places slowly. Sure it had worked a bit…

I decided to find a specialist to help with this. Enter Marek. Marek is talked about in more detail here.


Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Sure, I was getting better (80% better I reckon) but I wasn’t right. A friend of mine told me about HGH – this drug that makes your body grow again, fix itself better and makes you feel like superman. It’s not an anabolic steroid, it’s a growth hormone. Very different.

Anyway, I decided to get my levels tested and they were low, so I managed to persuade my endocrinologist to trial me on it. WOW. My nails started growing again, I found my energy SHOT up – I started running up all the stairs in every tube station every day. It worked, but something was still holding me back. I’d get headaches, infections and the occasional candida flare up (but a lot less) and my white blood cell count shot up from 3.1 to 6.7!

What we know is that Mercury poisons the Pituitary gland, which messes with things like HGH, Melatonin and other hormones, and until you chelate the Mercury out it won’t work right. Therefore, supplementing in the meantime can help you get back up to speed.

Prostate Problems

Since day 1 of my kidney stones I would get twitches in my perineum area and it would be an effort to pee. As I got ill-er and ill-er my prostate would flare and I’d be standing trying to pee for 20 minutes. For someone with Frequent Urination problems you can see the double issue here! I would say alongside the energy my prostate and frequent urination issues have been the worse symptom of all.

Having a weekly prostate massage by my urologist and daily self-massages (it’s not fun like they make out in the movies guys) it helped calm and helped me pee, but it’s flared many times over the last 2 years. I’ll talk more about this on a page dedicated to the prostate in due course…

Where I am now…

This was a ‘little’ post to give you an idea of how the last 3 years has been. Luckily I work and live next to Harley Street so I’ve had access to the best medical help in the world (a lot on my insurance too!) although I have found that the pharma world hasn’t helped a great deal. Most help has come from forums and natural practitioners such as Vicky, Marek and Kathrin.

From this point onwards I’ll add a page for each issue, supplement, finding or connection of symptoms – as I’ve found some beauties that not many people seem to have put together, yet.

Until the next time…