Mercury Toxicity – Before & After 1 Year of Chelation

I was one of the lucky ones. I found out I was Mercury Toxic within 2 months of getting ill. Most take years to find out…

The background:
I work on Oxford Street which is 3 minutes walk from Harley Street, so when I got ill and the doctors couldn’t help I searched for specialists in nutrition nearby – which is when I found Victoria from Easy. When I went through my HUGE list of symptoms and told her about the thrush around my mercury filling she immediately said “candida and mercury it is!” and ordered a hair mineral analysis test from Bio Labs and an Organic Acids test (discussed here in more detail).

The hair test showed high mercury although Victoria didn’t know why and couldn’t advise on how to get rid of it (so I started looking into it, read ‘my journey so far‘ here) I also showed high Candida levels on the Organic Acids tests which she helped me with an anti-candida protocol (as Mercury and Candida are linked) – although that’s for another post.

Bio Labs Toxic Metals Hair Test
Bio Labs Toxic Metals Hair Test

A little about Mercury and what I’ve come to understand:

  • It ruins your immune system
  • It stops you using nutrients and minerals properly from your food
  • Taking supplements will help correct the point above as you’ll be throwing “loads of crap at the wall and some will stick”
  • You can correct most of your symptoms but you’ll always need to get Mercury out
  • Nearly every issue with your health, however much you doubt it at the time, it always comes back to the Mercury. Get it gone.
  • It causes Candida, which causes:
  • Oxolate issues (due to liver, Gall bladder and gut bacteria issues)
  • It ruins your mitochondria, which means you’ll have crap energy
  • Makes you susceptible to lymes disease (due to lowered immune)
  • Make you get other infections due to low White Blood Cell count
  • Causes genetic mutations, which means Methylation problems (vitmain B12 issues etc)
  • Makes sure you have a Magnesium deficiency
  • Gives you gut problems as Mercury is an antibiotic of sorts.

Biggest thing to remember (thanks Danny!):
Put off chelation all you like, but no matter what you do or how you feel, you’ll need to get it out to resolve your health issues once and for all.

Anyway, moving on.

I called my old dentist (that I had used for years and trusted!) and said I wanted my Mercury fillings taken out and she asked me why. When I told her she said it was “a load of nonsense” but would remove them if I wanted. I booked myself in.

And just before getting the metal fillings taken out my Amalgam Illness book arrived. I was SO lucky that I read it in time! Talk about dodging a bullet!! The book said you MUST have your fillings removed safely or you’ll get even more sick. At this point that’s all I knew.

I started researching heavily. Very heavily. I needed to understand everything that the doctors were clueless about. Was it for my health or my ego? Both. I loved soaking up all this information.

I searched for a Mercury Free Dentist in London and found the IAOMT site and showed me a list of Mercury Free Dentists. I picked Carnaby Street Dental Practice as it was so close to my work. Kathrin there is AWESOME, and has  tried many of the cleanses and things that I talk about on this blog. She’s a holistic dentist (I call her an Urban Hippie!) I talk about her more here under ‘Dentist’.

Some of the books at this point I read were:

  • Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler
  • Hair Test Interpretation by Andy Cutler
  • The Mercury Diaries by Daniel Forsyth
  • The Yeast Connection by William Crook

A great article with 3 very short video’s talking about how dangerous Mercury is from Dr Mercola is here: It shows (on video 2) the readings of the levels of Mercury that come off fillings when brushing your teeth. Technology has caught up but the dental association hasn’t!

At that point I joined the forum and read Andy Cutlers “Amalgam Illness” book which both talked about a specific hair test for checking for Mercury, called “Doctors Data Toxic and Essential Elements” Hair test. As Andy’s books were written about the Doctors Data test I had to get one, the test Victoria had ordered me showed I had high levels but didn’t match the books closely enough to interpret fully.

Below is my first hair test which was sent on the 3rd March 2015. Now Mercury might not seem to be that high but if you understand the ‘counting rules’ you’ll understand that Mercury messes with you and messes us how your body excretes certain minerals. Essentially the counting rules state that if you have a certain amount of minerals that are too low, or a certain amount that are too high (like mine) Mercury is messing with how you excrete things. I had 3 of the 4 counting rules, which says I’m very toxic.

My first Doctors Data Toxic and Essential Elements Hair test
My first Doctors Data Toxic and Essential Elements Hair test

A best guess told me that I needed to supplement certain minerals that the test said I was deficient in. Magnesium, Boron, Selenium, Lithium etc etc. It also told me I needed to chelate like mad.

I met for dinner with Danny and he told me that whatever I did supplement wise my symptoms will get better but I’ll never be cured unless I chelate the crap out of the mercury. I set out to do 1 round every week. That’s 4 days on, 3 days off.  As 3 months had passed I decided to get on the chelation-train…

My rounds went as below. Bear in mind that the ALA was taken every 3 hours for 4 days a week and DMPS every 6 hours for 5 days of the week. This ensured ALA was a round within the DMPS round.

  1. 12.5mg ALA – I felt amazing but post round I had prostate problems
  2. 3mg ALA – Smoooooth
  3. 3mg ALA – Smoooooth
  4. 3mg ALA – Smooth again.
  5. 5mg ALA – slightly bumpy but felt good on round!
  6. 8mg ALA & 5mg DMPS – a good round but was quite tough on adrenals and candida flared. DMPS seemed to mop up after ALA so not many post-round symptoms
  7. 9mg ALA & 5mg DMPS- tough on candida which flared and caused prostate problems
  8. 12.5mg ALA & 5mg DMPS – a tough round. I pee’d a lot and my adrenals needed extra support afterwards.
  9. 10mg DMPS – I thought I’d try DMPS on it’s own. It seemed to work but I preferred ALA
  10. 10mg DMPS – easy round.
  11. 10mg DMPS – my kidneys hurt a fair bit but my immune seemed to be stronger somehow.
  12. 20mg DMPS – my kidneys hurt a lot. I had to stop this round after 1 day. The pain went as soon as I stopped the round.
  13. 10mg DMPS & 12.5mg ALA – A good round although pee’d lots until I ate plenty food. This tells me it’s blood sugar related. ALA seems to do that to people and Chromium seems to help a bit. My energy picked up after this round.
  14. 10mg DMPS & 12.5mg ALA – this was a 6 day round and was harsh on me. My energy crashed and my stools went bright yellow for weeks and weeks. Note: it took 6 months and many different supplements to put the stool colour back to where it was. It was solved by a series of liver flushes (which the mercury forums advise against)

That’s a total of 75 days of chelation when combining ALA and DMPS.

As I said to Danny once: It sounds a lot to take on, but really the moment I pop the first pill in my mouth I never look back. In all honestly that’s the only tough bit. The first pill. Get over that, you’ve nailed your chelation.

Now for the results (my second hair test):

My second Doctors Data Toxic and Essential Elements Hair test (after 75 days of chelation)
My second Doctors Data Toxic and Essential Elements Hair test (after 75 days of chelation)

BOOM! Notice how Mercury has come down, Arsenic too! Other minerals have started to stabilise. Frequent Dose CHELATION WORKS!

If you’d like to order one of these tests you can here:

From the second test I realised I should try lithium, so I ordered Lithium Orotate 5mg and have it before bed. Will be interesting to see the next hair test result!

I’ll update this post after my next hair test. Until then… Tim


7 thoughts on “Mercury Toxicity – Before & After 1 Year of Chelation

  1. How do you get DPMS? I am on ALA and have started to have very very poor circulation, especially when I sleep. It wasn’t for mercury – but I am afraid it is moving things about

  2. Hi Tim,
    Stumbled across your great article when Googling mercury removal. So helpful.

    I’ve had 4 amalgam mercury fillings for about 15 years and had chronic health issues… but didn’t consider mercury till now.

    What were your symptoms?
    I’ve long had….
    – Gut issues
    – Poor immune function
    – Low energy, fatigue
    – Headaches
    – Frequent urination

    All the best, Marc

    1. Hi Marc,
      Thanks for saying so. Yep, issues caused by mercury are hidden very well by the ‘system’ unfortunately.

      I had exactly the same as what you’ve listed, plus prostate issues (related to immune function) plus brainfog too.

      I’d be happy to have a chat about the best way through it if you’d like. 🙂

      If so, let me know on here and I’ll drop you a line directly.


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