Improved Liver Flush

Early on in my journey I heard about Andreas Moritz and his gallbladder / liver flush (from Danny’s book) and decided to try one.

The thought of it makes complete logical sense although is quite scary, as often people say it’s almost a major surgery for your liver.

The Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo Forum (which is an Andy Cutler protocol board) say to steer clear of liver flushes as it’s too harsh on you when you’re mercury toxic (depending on how ill you are may be true) but for my level of recovery/health I disagree.

When your stool has turned yellow and your liver is clearly beaten up (and Liver Extract and Lecithin doesn’t help) I think personally and think it’s great for your liver (but can be tough on your bum!). I searched around the internet before and found a few references to it working (see here for Darker Stools after liver flushing), I also asked Danny AKA Sunshine his opinion.

Every time I do a liver flush it helps my digestion, my stools darken, my energy and my emotions improve dramatically, my candida becomes more of a distant memory, and my eyes become whiter each time. Why wouldn’t you try it?!

Even Danny from the Mercury Diaries does them and he was the most Mercury Toxic person I’ve read about (or met) yet!

Liver Flush Olive Oil and Grapefruit Juice
Liver Flush Olive Oil and Grapefruit Juice

The first and second time I followed Andrea’s Moritz’s flush exactly, which is;

  • Prepare for a week by drinking Malic acid or apple juice to break down the liver stones (I only did this the first time and was fine each time without it, although I find Chanca Piedra Tea is great to help the liver breakdown the crap inside it)
  • Don’t eat on the day of the flush, only drinking water or tea (definitely no oils at all) this ensure your liver and gallbladder have plenty of bile at the ready to eject).
  • at 6pm: drink about 300ml of water with a table spoon of Espom salts. This relaxes the liver bile ducts and helps you clear your digestive system so that stones can come out easily.
  • at 8pm: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in.
  • by 9.30pm: you should start needing to use the toilet. I find that for each table spoon of Epsom Salts I need to use the toilet 4-5 times. If you don’t need the toilet yet a coffee enema is good to start things moving, although going is not essential yet. You’ll find that as your digestive system gets cleaner and less full of crap the magnesium will work quicker.
  • 10pm: drink 4oz (150ml) of olive oil with a grapefruit squeezed in (and shaken up) and lie down immediately (for at least 30 minutes without moving) if possible go to bed laying on your back. If you need the toilet – it’s ok to go after 30 minutes which is why it’s essential you time the drinks right!
  • 8am: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in. Be prepared to visit the toilet 4-5 times about an hour after each drink. You should start seeing liver stones in the toilet. I like to use a sieve like this to ensure I can capture and count them all. Beware they can be as big as 1 inch each!
  • 10am: drink another 300ml of water with epsom salts in. By this point you should have had a lot of stones come out.
  • 12noon: You can have some soup or a light lunch.

That’s it. It’s actually quite simple. The only bad thing about it is that because you need the toilet so many times and due to you pooing liver bile you can get quite sore around your butt-hole, so I find using a thick cream like sudacrem after each bowel movement helps hugely!

After reading Eric’s blog it made me realise that the flush can be improved upon/tweaked. If you think about it, the liver only kicks out liver stones as a result of you drinking the magnesium salts and then drinking Oil which makes it ‘pump’ out all of the stones (which are bile and toxins stored up) so ensuring you’re catching these toxins and clearing them out is super important.

I decided to update and improve the liver flush significantly to:

  • 6pm: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 8pm: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 10pm: olive oil and grapefruit juice
  • 10.10pm: without moving put a castor oil liver pack on (to support the liver more) for an hour and a half roughly
  • 11.30pm: take 4 activated charcoal tablets (to soak up toxins very effectively)
  • 11.55pm: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 12 Midnight: Bed, sleep on your back if possible.
  • The next Day: 8am: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 9am: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 10am: 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk in 400ml of water (to help push stones in the digestive system out)
  • 10.15am: coffee enema (2 tablespoons of Bulletproof organic low toxin coffee) to help clear liver stones and toxins out (you will probably see the activated charcoal come out with the stones)
  • 10.45am: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 11.15am: epsom salts (1 tablespoon)
  • 1pm: another coffee enema
  • 2pm: a light lunch.
  • 2.30pm: drink rehydration salts otherwise it can be tough on your adrenals
  • 3.00pm: you’re good to go back to your normal life with a healthier liver!

Since doing this updated liver flush I have found it to be far more effective – also it seems to clear the toxins out quicker so you don’t feel strange for the next 24 hours. It’s great to see your belly as thin as it can go too – as you’ve had a good clear out!

A big thing that I feel people don’t realise when starting out with liver flushes is that once you start doing them you need to do a series of them every few weeks until you get 2 flushes in a row that don’t get any stones come out.

Essentially your liver is full of stones (of various kinds) and once some come out the ones above them in your liver drop down and need clearing out too. This can often be quite obvious as you get a few days of fantastic digestion (darker stools, better digestion etc) then it goes back to how it was before the flush. This is GREAT as it means it’s working.

jelly_bean_machine_black_chrome_1_3_1A fitting cheeky-little analogy is; Think of a bubble-gum or jelly bean vending machine.

As some gums/beans drop out the bottom more from above drop down to replace them. When it’s empty no more come out, and when it’s full more drop down… This is just like your liver after a flush, although it can take a few days for them to drop!

Persevere and better digestion and health is on it’s way (some people say that doing a load of liver flushes can help the body so much it fixes dry skin, candida and other issues too). I tend to agree.

The results: (Hold Tight!)

IMG_5449 IMG_5793 IMG_5585 IMG_3386 IMG_9053

For now I will continue with liver flushing until no more come out…

Let me know what you think of my improved liver flush, as it works a charm!

Important note: Remember to hydrate WELL otherwise a liver flush can be hard on your adrenals and you’ll crash in a few days time.

Methylation – B12 therapy & 23andMe Genetic test


So, I had been on ‘armor’ thyroid for months and decided I needed a specialist who wasn’t my allopathic endocrinologist who would listen to me and actually help (with chronic fatigue, brain fog, bad digestion, low metabolic rate (i.e. low body temperature) and low testosterone) so I searched and searched and found Marek Doyle from Blueprint Fitness.

He seemed to really know his sh1t! I read his site inside and out and he seemed to know all the secrets I had found out to date and more. I had to meet him too!

When I first met him we ran through a whole bunch of questions and at the end of it he put a plan together for me.

You can see the full protocol for each, by following the links below.

His thoughts were:

  • I had a genetic mutation that I needed to be checked for (with 23andme) – protocol below
  • I had candida (already knew that) that needed treating (add link to Candida page)
  • I had adrenal fatigue (add link to fatigue page)

Genetic Mutations & Methylation

Essentially my results showed I had the MTHFR genetic mutation which meant my liver doesn’t detox properly and by supplementing correctly I could sort it out. This meant toxins like Mercury would leave my body more naturally than Chelation and mean that I wouldn’t get sick so easily.

Methylation is a very big subject and I have Eric from to thank for putting together his AWESOME posts as guidance. Unfortunately he didn’t simplify the protocol so I will shortly.

Eric’s pages are (enjoy!):

Now, every time I’ve had blood tests for B12 and Folate in the past it’s always shown high. Why? My genetics (and symptoms) says I’m deficient!

I started researching and found this article, which essentially says that if you lack Glutathione your B12 is vulnerable to attack and if your B12 isn’t right you can’t make Glutathione! Circular or what!

Lithium and Methylation

Around the same time I had my one year follow up hair mineral analysis test come back showing me how my heavy metal levels had dropped – and one thing that didn’t move was Lithium. I was completely out. Nothing, nada, nil. My father is bi-polar so seeing lithium low (still) worried me, so I started researching the connection to Mercury (and just by chance B12 too!) It turns out that if you don’t have enough lithium your B12 doesn’t go into your cells, leaving you B12 deficient…! BOOM!

Low White Blood Cell Count & Lithium

What is really strange is that week I had a blood test done and my White Blood Cell Count was at it’s lowest ever, 2.9 on a scale of 3 to 8. This worried me – and I remembered Andy Cutler (in The Amalgam illness book) said to take lithium orotate to help boost Neutrophils and WBC. It was coming together nicely.

After a week on Lithium (the only other thing I had changed was adding in Red Reishi mushroom supplement which gave me headaches and bad guts) I had my blood tested again (by chance) and suddenly my WBC count was up to 6.3! – now that’s a stronger immune system. In a week! My doctor couldn’t believe it.

Methylation (and my protocol)

Marek started me on TMG for a week (to open up the methylation pathways), then told me to add in 1 B-right multi-b (which gave my body a tiny bit of B12 and folate), followed by Hydroxcobalamin a week later. Now most places say don’t bother with Hydroxo as your liver might not convert it to the active forms of B12 (such as Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin) but Marek thought differently due to my mutations. It also gives your body a chance to kick back into action.

His analogy was “imagine you have an old car, and you put your foot flat on the accelerator. It was fall apart. Now, if you slowly build up speed it will be a lot more stable. Now that’s what we’re doing with you”.

Essentially, starting with an active B12 can put your detoxification pathways under too much pressure causing you to get ill (die-off), so starting like that is fine, but you must progress to active B12 soon.

If you want the full details the source is:

Fredds protocol from Pheonixrising is tough to unravel for a layman, and took me a while to figure it out, but essentially it is

  1. Start with Swanson TMG 500mg half a day for a week (This opens up the methylation pathways)
  2. Then raise to 1 tablet a day of the above,
    then start:
  3. 1 jarrow b-right a day for 2 weeks, then raise to 2 a day.
    After 2 more weeks start:
  4. 200mcg of Solgar methylfolate a day for a week
  5. Then half of a Jarrow Methylcobalamin 1000mg for 2 weeks (in the mouth under your lip for 45 minutes)
    Then raise:
  6. Methylfolate to 400mcg/day for 2 weeks (and raise by 200mcg (half a tablet extra) a fortnight until you reach 800mcg a day)
  7. Then raise to 1 whole Jarrow 1000mg Methylcobalamin
  8. Take temperatures and see if it’s 37c if not introduce Adenosylcobalamin at 1/4 of a 3000mg tablet
To be continued and updated soon…