The Oxalate, Candida and Mercury Connection

So this week I have been told I have high levels of Oxalate which is why I form kidney stones, and that I need to go on a low Oxalate diet, I’ve also been reading into the Oxalate connection to mercury toxicity and candida and have found several strong references.

One was ‘The Great Plains’ Lab:

It seems that Oxalates are high in people with Autism, who have high candida levels, who also have high levels of mercury. The connections seem too strong…
Interestingly, from one of the sources discussed how having high levels of oxalate caused frequent urination and UTI symptoms even though no bacterial infection was found (this seems to be common amongst mercury toxic people (Me included)) and that oxalate-calcium kidney stones had candida and yeasts surrounding them.
Many other articles (including Weston A Price’s site) say that Oxalates cause many chronic disorders (including Autism too). It’s well worth a read! Here
For me (I’ll need to research even further) it confirms yet again that Mercury causes/contributes to so many of our ills, and high oxalates levels (and it’s ills) seem to be one of those things. Apparently going on a low Oxalate diet gives us a ‘honeymoon’ period and then a dump of oxalates which makes us feel crap. It also shows that having high levels of oxalates in the system causes us to feel crap too. How many mercury toxic people eat super healthy (such as eating spinach etc which have massive levels of oxalates) only to feel like crap some days and not know why?
A key realtime indicator is, if you pee and look at it in the toilet bowl – if the urine seems to sparkle/twinkle (called “disney pee”) that’s oxalate crystals in the water.
The symptoms high oxalate brings are:

If your body is not getting rid of the oxalates you are getting from your food (or from the bi-product of candida) these powerful and reactive molecules can cause a lot of problems.

  • It chelates toxic metals like mercury (we know how this makes us feel!)
  • burning urine flow
  • kidney stones i.e. oxalates combine with calcium to form these
  • leaky gut or all sorts of other gut problems
  • interstitial cystitis, aka burning bladder, often associated with hyperoxaluria (high levels of oxalate in the urine)
  • painful or inflamed joints, similar to fibromyalgia or arthritis
  • burning bowel movements
  • vulvodynia – external female genital pain or irritation
  • depression
  • developmental disorders in children, including autism
  • hives
My Oxalate ‘connection’:
From what I’ve found so far Oxalate problems come from a lack of gut bacteria particularly the Oxalobacter formigenes species and a Vitamin K deficiency. As this bacteria (and Vitamin K) is missing we can’t digest oxalates properly and they flow around our system in store in our cells, and calcium isn’t directed into the right places. This causes calcium and oxalate problems in joints, kidneys, the liver and such, and we feel crap. Bear with me…
Now, as most Mercury toxic people know, it ruins our gut bacteria (along with the antibiotics we’ve used throughout our life) – thus my connection.
here’s some really good info on the Vitamin K side of things:
What I’ve also found is that most Mercury groups discuss Oxalates, and most Oxalates discuss mercury – but no one seems to make the link!
The oxalate and autism connection intrigues me, as mercury and autism have a connection, candida and autism have a connection, gut bacteria and autism have a connection, frequent urination and bad digestion have connections to autism, candida and mercury have a connection to each other, and therefore by presupposition mercury and oxalate do too. The yeast connection is a huge one (have you read the book by W Crook?) as Candida can cause oxalate issues which contribute to autism too (which can be because of b1 and b6 deficiency’s). There’s just so many connections! How can the medical world ignore so much of it???
I’ve posted about the bacteria Oxalabacter breaking down oxalates – Ive heard VSL #3 does too – which Ive tried and seems to help.
The protocols Ive seen are based around either VSL #3 (the strongest probiotic available at 700 billion) and Vitamin K in large doses, or drinking lots of cabbage juice and epsom salts. Oxalobacter formigenes unfortunately cannot be bought yet, however, what about fecal transplants? That should fix it right? I’m currently researching that, and will update this post when I know more!
I thought I’d share as this seems like a huge connection to me!
Let me know if you agree or have any thoughts on this.

19 thoughts on “The Oxalate, Candida and Mercury Connection

  1. Hi,
    This is fascinating! I have bladder issues related to oxalates, and thanks to your article and working on my vitamin k (1&2) status, plus gradually reducing oxalates in the diet. Could you update if you find a source for the oxalobacter formogenes, please?
    Also, do you have Mercury fillings? I have several, and am undecided about their removal, largely due to the expense.

    1. Hi Gill, I have found that the probiotic VSL #3 is good and has a similar type of bacteria in it. I’ve found several sources in India for Oxalobacter but from I hear when tested they don’t contain any at all. I’ve also been looking into a fecal transplant – as this will fix the Oxalobacter situ, so you could look into that too.
      Depending on how ill you are I would highly recommend getting the mercury fillings out asap. Many health issues resolve as a result. Check out my first post on the site, as it explains in detail (be sure to get them removed safely).
      Out of interest, how did you find my site?

      1. HI tim
        I am wondering if you healed from oxalate issues I am struggling and I don’t know if you have any knowledge on mthfr but I have that as well. I have severe dysbiosis and not sure on how to heal

        1. Hi Kierra, I have fixed it now. I have been working on Methylation and the Gut for 4 years nearly now. I found the ketogenic diet with lots if collagen added (in the right ratios for the keto diet) plus Symprove and natural antifungals worked very very well…

  2. Tim,
    This is very interesting to me because I was hospitalized last year for kidney stones (worst pain of my life). I eat a very high oxalate diet (I can only eat three foods, with almond flour being one of them). My urologist told me last year that if a person drinks 1/2 glass of grapefruit juice every day, the juice will draw out the oxalates from the kidneys and stones will not form. He, himself, was successful at doing this. However, every time I try a bit of grapefruit juice, it makes my gut hurt. I think this is because it either speeds up or slows a phase of the liver detox mechanism. So for now, I am stuck with my diet. I have had very little success with chelation, so perhaps this is my problem. I just wish more docs were familiar with this so I could get some help. For now, I am not going to chelate because it makes me very sick.

    1. Hi Pam,
      The grapefruit makes sense to me, as the citric acid in the grapefruit stops oxalates bonding. I chose magnesium citrate which works for my magnesium deficiency too (we all have it). The urologists started me on potassium citrate but it was harsh on my gut, but magnesium citrate does the trick. I stopped forming stones the moment I started on it. Have you tried it yourself, or have you just used grapefruit juice? Also, what chelation have you done? Tim

  3. Tim,

    Thanks for this post. I tracked it down over on “How I Recovered.” I’m at 150 rounds of chelation for mercury poisoning and I’ve hit a wall. I recently had my micro biome sequenced. Not only were my probiotics low but I have ZERO Oxalobacter formigenes. I’d never considered the oxalate problems until now.

    I’m planning on doing FMT next month but for now I’m eating a lot of fresh sauerkraut. Oxalobacter formigenes lives in cabbage leaves and maybe I can get the process going.



    1. Hi Alex,

      You’ve hit the stall phase then by the sounds of it. Keep going as you’ll pass it, I’m sure of it. 150 rounds is a good number!

      I started having oxalate problems after antibiotics although my gut bacteria shows I have Oxalobacter. None-the-less I am having juiced red cabbage most days along with B6, B1 and Magnesium Citrate which helps massively.

      I’ve been tempted with the FMT myself, it would be great to hear how you get on!


    1. Hi Marysue,

      It means Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) which is a procedure in which fecal matter, or stool, is collected from a tested donor, mixed with a saline or other solution, strained, and placed in a patient, by colonoscopy, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or enema. It’s being carried out more and more – and there’s quite a wide interest in doing it at home these days too! More can be read here:

  4. was reading this and thinking about the high amount of vit C used for chelation.

    “foods that are high in vitamin C can increase the body’s oxalate levels. Vitamin C converts to oxalate, and levels over 1,000 milligrams (mg) per day have been shown to increase oxalate levels. ”

    i haven’t vetted this. : )

    1. I’ve heard this too which is why ‘off round’ I drop to 500mg a day of vitamin C. Supplementing B1 and B6 is good for Oxalates (as people with high oxalate levels seem to be deficient in B1 and B6), and if you take Magnesium Citrate and a little Calcium Citrate with your food (if you cheat and have some medium/high oxalate foods) or when you take your vitamin C they will bind to about 80-90% of the oxalates.

  5. hey Tim. i just read that great plains lab report. very interesting. i feel like there is a missing piece to my puzzle as i’ve said. i’ve done a lot of cutler and not sure i’m in a better place. would you be into emailing about what you find? i assume you have mine from my post.

    the great plains report says basically there is little evident of conversion from vit C. that’s what i’m going to stick with. other things of note: how Hg can bond with oxalates and keep them in the body. how certain gut bacteria can break down oxalates. there is a lot of good stuff in there that requires a second read. also something on depleted zinc and mag despite ample dietary sources. big issue with Hg people.

    the gut bacteria angle is the most interesting to me. for one you wouldn’t have to take calcium citrate (i already take a lot of magnesium citrate). and it would mean you could eat what i consider some pretty healthy stuff. microbiome is so interesting and they are just starting to figure it out. there is some amazing stuff being learned about gut bacteria in the brain right now.

    i’m tempted to comment on liver flushes and coffee enemas. the short of which is i did probably 100 enemas and 3 liver flushes. although i generally felt well after ememas i stopped them because i realized they weren’t move the needle long term. with the flushes (i have moritz book) i never saw the needle moving either. i wish there was a lab for regular joes to send things to for testing. i’d like to test the flushed “stones” in and see if they contained olive oil, epsom salts, etc.

    i have the brain of a skeptic but the spirit of an optimist. still trying things.

    one last thing. if i’m not mistaken you said your health declined after vaccinations. i believe andrew wakefield found gut problems in kids after MMR vaccine with does not contain Hg. so i wonder if vaccines are damaging to the gut in other ways besides Hg. if so you might want to look at restoring bacterial balance or healing a leaky gut. maybe you have. i haven’t read this whole blog. : )

    if you think Wakefield has been discredited as many do i suggest you read his book, read the controversial lancet paper, and look into the CDC whistle blower on the 2004 study that debunked him. i concluded he was very much right.

  6. I agree about the gut bacteria side of things. I’m waiting for uBiome to arrive so I can have a more comprehensive test. Watch this space 🙂

    Thanks for your notes on the other bits. I’ll look into them and report back.

    I’ll drop you an email directly in a few minutes.


  7. Thank you for this vital information. Having mercury fillings and root canals for many years(now all removed safely) I suffered for years with numerous symptoms. The oxalate connection was the missing piece to the puzzle for me. I feel well when I avoid high oxalate foods. My candida issues have cleared up nicely. It scares me when people “follow the crowd” especially with the raw food juicing, herb teas, nuts and berries type foods, because these foods are actually like poison for SOME people. The candida diet was a complete disaster for me. I felt weak, dizzy , depressed and tired all the time! Trying to starve candida actually starved my whole body. As soon as I went low oxalate, and ate more carbs(yes, even a little sugar), I began to feel so much happier and stronger. I sleep better too. If I take vitamin C, I have symptoms within hours, that last for days. Gelatin is also problematic for me.

    1. You’re welcome! ditto to everything you’ve said. Amazing how it fixes so much stuff by sorting oxalates. I heard this week that people with oxalate problems can get it due to leaky gut too (instead of from lack of gut bacteria, lack of vitamin k etc)…! So people that are generally fine but can’t get rid of their oxalate problem most probably need their (may be hidden) leaky gut sorted to resolve the oxalate problem for good! 🙂

  8. Hi Tim

    interesting read. I hadn’t heard of that oxalate thing before. For gut problems you could try zinc carnosine, biotin and MSM(if you can tolerate it without loosing sleep). You haven’t updated for a while, so how is it going? Any improvements? I just came across your bolg tonigh through How I recevered blog and have’t really read much of it. Later when I have time I will get back if I’ll find something to ask or recommend. Good luck!

  9. Tim,

    I would like to email you directly if you don’t mind.

    I have very similar symptoms as you and this is the first post I have found where I said “that’s me!”.

    So far I have lowered my oxalates through diet and don’t feel much better but it might be due to some herbals I am taking.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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